Top 5 Car Dash Cameras To Protect Your Car!

Record your travels and feel protected while driving with a car dashcam. You can read here about the best dash cams you can buy.

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Top 5 Car Dash Cameras To Protect Your Car!
Best Car Dash Cam

Accidents can happen at any time, no matter how good the roads are. Rash driving and road rage are two of the most regular sights on Indian roads, therefore arming yourself and your vehicle with a few basic items is always a good idea.

It's horrible enough to be in a car accident. It's much worse when you're held responsible for something that wasn't your fault in the first place. When this happens, a good dash cam can serve as an electronic eyewitness to what happened.

A dash cam records what it sees all the time, looping new video over the old. It will immediately lock that part of the video if it detects a crash, ensuring that your evidence is not corrupted. A dash cam can also be useful for filming a memorable road scene that could become the subject of your next viral video. In addition, the top models can assist you in a variety of additional ways.

A brief glance at the dash cameras we've mentioned below should be enough to convince you to make a purchase you'll never regret.

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70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam

1. Lens with High-Resolution:- The 70mai has six F1.8, 1944P HD lenses with WDR 140° wide-angle that adjust exposure and capture more detail in both low and bright light, resulting in incredibly clear and bright images.

2. High Camera’s Screen Focus:- For viewing your recordings, the 70mai Dash Cam A500S has a 2′′ IPS screen.

Aperture F1.8 With a 140° broad FOV (Field of View) and 6 layers of lenses, image/video brightness is efficiently enhanced and blind spots are reduced.

3. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems):- With built-in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), advanced AI-powered technology meant to improve driving safety, the 70mai Dash Cam A500S protects your daily trips with lane departure warning, front collision warning, and more.

4. Emergency Accident Lock and G-Sensor:- A 5MP Sony sensor and a dual-core processor combine to provide an exceptional camera for your video.

The designed G-Sensor technology automatically stores footage in critical situations for you.70mai Dash Cam A500S auto-locks real-time video segments in the case of a collision or crash, preventing them from being erased or overwritten.

5. Mobile App Compatibility With iOS and Android:- Users can use the 70mai Dash Cam A500S directly on their phone by connecting to the official 70mai mobile app through Wi-Fi.

Wherever and whenever you like, you can watch live streaming, playback, or download recorded footage. The official 70mai mobile app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and higher.

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DDPAI Mini Dash Cam

1. Super Capacitor:- With a temperature range of 25°C to 85°C, the built-in supercapacitor offers durability and excellent thermal stability. It can endure any weather condition, be it extremely hot or extremely cold. This makes it ideal for India's hot climate and for parking monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. High-definition video:- With a 2 MP CMOS sensor and 6 full-glass lenses, the DDPAI Mini dashcam can capture clear footage in Full HD [email protected].

3. Emergency Recording:- It auto-detects a sudden shake or collision and automatically locks the footage to the 'Event File' to prevent that video from being erased, thanks to a built-in 6-axis G-sensor.

4. 24-Hour Parking Mode:- There is an optional 24-hour parking mode with Time Lapse @1fps recording, which can significantly cover a much longer recording time at a lesser data space.

5. Simple mobile app interface:- Traditional physical button-controlled cameras have a less user-friendly and intuitive operating interface than APP-controlled cameras.

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Blueskysea Mini Dash Cam

Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam

1. Recording in Ultra High Definition:- The image sensor is based on the IMX323 CMOS high sensitivity image sensor and the Novatek GM8135S CPU. This combination enables high-quality recording in 1080p@ 30 fps both during the day and at night.

2. IMX323 Sensor in a 6G All-Glass Lens:- Images are spectacular, clear, and non-deformed because of the mode's six layers of glass. The video quality is improved at night thanks to a 150° ultra-wide-angle lens with a low light sensor.

3. Built-in WiFi:- The B1W dash cam with WiFi can connect to an APP on your iPhone or Android device to view footage, download videos, adjust settings, and share to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

4. The Parking Mode Function:- The Parking Mode function on the B1W is triggered by the G-sensor. When the G-sensor detects a collision, the camera begins recording video for 30 seconds automatically.

5. Loop Recording:- When the memory card is full, fresh recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings, but locked movies will be protected from being overwritten.

Procus Iris Car Dash Camera

Procus Iris Car Dash Camera

1. Monitor Teen Driving And Chauffeur's Cars:- Concerned about your children's driving habits or how your chauffeurs (drivers) operate your vehicle? On Procus IRIS, you can watch videos of how the car was driven.

2. Motion Detection:-If any form of motion is detected when the dash camera is in sleep mode, the motion detection function encourages the dash camera to begin recording and saving the video automatically.

3. Recording Videos In A Loop:- 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and so on are available for cyclic recording. It enables the dash camera to automatically wipe old video (excluding locked video) in order to prevent the SD card from filling up. In India, this is one of the top car dash cams.

4. Impact videos are protected:- If a significant car collision occurs, the dash camera automatically locks the video file.

70mai DashCam Wide with Night Vision

70mai DashCam Wide with Night Vision HD Rear Camera

1. Day/Night Auto Brightness Control for Ease of Use:- The 70mai Mirror Dash Cam Wide has a 9.35" IPS widescreen that gives excellent board vision.

The screen is auto-dimming, which means it adjusts its brightness based on the amount of light it receives. This is particularly useful throughout the day/night because it eliminates the need to manually change brightness.

2. Control over the app and simple video preview and download:- The 70mai APP works with both IOS and Android systems, allowing you to download videos from both the front and rear cameras over Wi-Fi. Also, to avoid an overwrite, set the emergency video to "Event File".

3. Full-Screen Display of 35 Inches:- Anyone who drives knows what it's like to have a blind spot. This can happen when the A-pillar, side-view mirrors, or interior rear-view mirror obscure your view of the road.

4. Reverse View in Real-Time with Parking Assist:- The 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide provides drivers with unparalleled reversing vision. Furthermore, the Rearview Dash Cam Wide's powerful Hi3556 V200 Processor enables real-time feedback.


These finest car dash cameras are really useful in today's world, and they are unquestionably becoming more popular by the day. They are pleasant companions when you are driving. Furthermore, the devices are reasonably priced, which is a compelling argument to purchase them. You have the final say on which of the aforementioned things you choose to purchase. The camera at the top of the list will most likely be considered the best dash cam in 2022. So, make an informed decision and remain tuned.