Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review: Best Samsung Smartwatch Yet!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is designed for people who seek a more robust smartwatch with longer battery life. Here's our review.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review: Best Samsung Smartwatch Yet!
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will operate very similarly to a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 if you've ever used one. Those upgrading from the Galaxy Watch 3 or earlier will love the differences because the 4 and 5 have many similarities, with the 5 truly feeling like a shiny and new gadget. Users of the Watch 4 won't feel the jump as much.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is a potent wristwatch that runs Google's Wear OS, and it was introduced alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, and new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. That means there are many apps available right once and decent smartphone integration, though not quite on par with Apple Watch.

Designed for Samsung, but compatible with the majority of Android phone shines Scan Watch Horizon is outperformed by the Watch 5 when it comes to sleep tracking, which is one of the Watch 5's many features. In addition, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers a reliable GPS on runs and accurate heart rate monitoring compared to the information obtained via a chest strap. Therefore, despite its small size, this wearable device is unquestionably powerful.

A pitiful battery life prevents Samsung's newest wearable from being flawless, at least in its 40mm version. The Galaxy Watch 5 might be for you if you can manage a daily charge and desire a discreet, tiny digital watch that supports smart apps. The new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the best choice for anyone who wants all the capabilities of the Watch 5 and better battery life, though. In this blog, we will do, Samsung galaxy watch review.

Right now, you can purchase the Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro from most of the regular suspects as well as Samsung's online site.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 of last year, prices have increased all the board for Samsung's Watch series. Like the Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch 5 is available in two sizes Bluetooth-only and Bluetooth plus LTE cellular versions in each.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Design
  • Lightweight at 33.5g / 28.7g (40mm) (44mm)
  • The watch body comes in three colours for each size.
  • There are numerous strap possibilities.

The larger 44mm version switches out Pink Gold for Sapphire while the smaller 40mm model is available in Graphite (black), Pink Gold, or Silver (a muted mid-tone blue). The selection of colour options with Samsung's Bespoke service, accessible on, greatly exceeds those four choices.

After selecting your case colour for the Watch 5, you can choose from a variety of bands. There are 11 different colours for the Sports Band, which is the standard band that comes with the Watch 5, two D-Buckle Sports Bands, a Global Goals band, a hybrid leather band, Ridged, and Extreme Sports Bands, and finally a Milanese Band.

The silicone band material for the Watch 5 is especially comfortable for people with hairy wrists and has a permanently matte finish that prevents skin irritation. When it comes to comfort, the Watch 5 provides a gentle landing for someone who isn't used to wearing a smartwatch. It's not overly huge, and the built-in Sports Strap secures it.

Ingress protection against dust and water, swim-proofing up to 5 ATM, and MIL-STD-810H approval are additional features of the Samsung Watch 5. These features ensure that the Watch 5 can withstand a variety of demanding conditions, such as hard knocks and drops, extreme temperature changes, and more.

During our time testing the watch, we banged the screen against a metal table frame. Despite our initial conviction that the Watch 5 was destroyed when we heard the impact, it was completely undamaged.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Display
  • Features of the 40mm Watch 1.19-inch screen.
  • 44mm Watch 5 has a 1.39-inch screen.
  • High-quality, brilliant, sharp, and responsive.

The Watch 5's display is of excellent quality. Up to 1,000 nits of brightness make it simple to see outside, and Samsung's colourful watch faces provide a vibrant, punchy appearance. The UI is interesting because it regularly overlays brilliant, richly coloured elements over inky, deep blacks that blend into the bezel.

But rather than technology, the Watch 5's display has undergone a significant material update. Samsung claims that the sapphire crystal is 60% stronger than the cover glass on the Watch 4 and, as we noted, after a few bumps, it proved to be resilient enough for us.

Software And Performance

  • Utilizes the Samsung One UI Watch and Wear OS 3
  • Features that are powerful app support
  • Designed for Samsung, but compatible with the majority of Android phones.

If you've used another smartwatch before, using Samsung's interface, known as One UI Watch, will be very comfortable for you. To view notifications, swipe to the left-hand screen. To cycle among your tiles, swipe across the screens to the right of the watch face. These are sort of rich widgets that each provide you a sneak preview of a program or feature or a link to the complete experience.

You must download the Galaxy Wearable app for your smartphone to synchronize the Watch 5 with it. Yes, despite using Google's Wear OS, the Watch 5 is incompatible with Wear OS applications.

There are a couple of compromises right away if the watch isn't connected to a Samsung phone. You cannot use your watch as a viewfinder and remote shutter for your smartphone because the Watch 5 lacks the camera app. Additionally, you are unable to install Health Monitor, an additional app required for measuring blood pressure and ECG, therefore these measuring devices are also off limits. However, if none of that bothers you, the Watch 5 appears to function flawlessly with non-Samsung Android phones, except for iOS.

When it comes to pre-installed apps, Samsung starts with Galaxy Buds, Outlook, Global Goals, and more. Although you can remove these, the first two, in particular, are unnecessary.

The Watch 5's ability to make phone calls is one feature we like. You can call anyone in your phonebook hands-free from the Watch 5 as well, which is different from some other smartwatches (but not wrist-free). Although the feature won't operate well if you recently submerged the Watch, the volume was loud and our voice was audibly heard.

Additionally, SmartThings integration links your sleep cycle with your networked smart home, allowing you to dim or turn off the lights and control other Internet of Things (IoT) devices to avoid disturbing you while you sleep.

The same W920 chipset powering the Galaxy Watch 5 is combined with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of storage (for apps and media). Performance is excellent: neither pre-installed nor third-party apps crashed or slowed down in any way throughout our testing.

Fitness Features

  • Over 100 workouts are tracked
  • Tools for assessing body fat, heart rate, and ECG
  • Enhanced guiding and tracking of sleep

You may assume that the Watch 5 syncs with Google Fit because it runs Wear OS, and it does, but not by default. This device is a Samsung Health device out of the box, and Samsung Health doesn't sync with Google Fit. The integrated metric monitoring that Samsung's Watch makes a big fuss about, notably sleep and body composition, will be lost if you install Google Fit and change your defaults.

The Withing’s Scan Watch HR, which tended to be excessively forgiving with our sleep scores, was determined to be superior in terms of the accuracy of sleep tracking. Sleep tracking was made challenging by the Watch 5's battery life, which on days with heavy usage was already very low by bedtime, even after a morning charge. To track it for this review, we were compelled to quickly charge it up so that it would survive a nap. Though not with Huawei, Garmin, or Withing’s watches, we experienced the identical problem with the Apple Watch.

The Bioactive Sensor, which is an array of various sensors, is what powers the Watch 5's health tracking. This is in charge of body composition analysis, which analyses everything from water retention and body fat percentage to bone density, as well as heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, and sleep tracking.

The GPS was also precise, however, the body fat measurement disagreed the most with our other instruments. This is not surprising because various methods for calculating body fat typically produce diverse results. However, even if you only use the Watch 5, it establishes a trustworthy baseline even though it isn't as precise as a caliper or full body measure.


  • larger battery than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
  • 40mm Watch 5 lasts all day with a 30-meter workout
  • New USB-C charging is quicker and more practical.

While the Watch 5 have a longer battery life than its predecessor due to a modest 13% increase in capacity, expecting it to last more than a day seems optimistic.

The 40mm variant has a 284mAh battery, while the bigger 44mm alternative has a 410mAh battery; we only tested the smaller type. The watch might last a couple of days if you don't use any exercise tracking and use the power-saving feature, but you'll have to work pretty hard. You'll require a charge every 24 hours if, like us, you use your watch as a pedometer to track between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

The charging procedure for the Watch 5 significantly enhanced by Samsung, due to a new USB-C-ended charger. The new USB-C charger functions with the majority of USB-C phones in addition to charging the Watch 30% faster. Therefore, even if your smartphone does not support Wireless Power Share, it can still charge your Galaxy Watch 5.

Final words

In this Samsung galaxy watch review. We concluded that Samsung galaxy smart watch is the neutral, sleek, and beautiful design of this watch makes it a minor black watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, the Apple Watch of the Android world, runs Wear OS and has better app support than competitors like the Huawei GT and Amazfit GTR series.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 isn't a conventional sports watch because its battery won't last through a triathlon. Having said that, it boasts robust fitness-tracking functions, so for somebody who prefers to run 10 k and go to the gym every other day, it might be the ideal choice.

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