Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Review: Big sound in a tiny package!

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Review: Big sound in a tiny package!
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung unveiled TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones alongside its foldable smartphones for the second consecutive year. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the replacement for the Galaxy Buds Pro from the previous year, was introduced at the event on August 10.

Here is our review of those after a lengthy period of testing. The Buds2 Pro are now both more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing thanks to Samsung's ability to reduce weight and eliminate the glossy coating.

Color and strength

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 colors

In contrast to earlier models, the color of the earphones' square case matches the color of the interior. We chose the third color out of three available options—Bora Purple, Black, and White—and it looks classy but isn't too stunning.

The numbers don't lie; the case and the buds both feel lighter in the hand. Although the holes for the separate buts are a little out of alignment, powerful magnets take care of it.

Battery Life and Durability

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 battery life

Each bud has a 58 mAh battery, whereas the cover has a 500 mAh battery. The overall rise is negligible—less than 3%. However, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can deliver an incredible 8 hours of listening time on a charge thanks to improved optimizations.

According to official statistics, turning on the ANC reduces that to five hours, however our studies revealed they can last almost six hours in this situation. The Ambient Sound option produced a strong 5-hour result during our testing of the earphones, but we don't see anyone using it for extended amounts of time because it's just too overwhelming.

Undoubtedly, battery life is improved, but what about charging time? With a special USB-C connector, the entire 616 mAh package charges from 0% to 100% in 75 minutes. Wireless charging is also possible with any Qi-certified charger, but it takes longer than two hours to recharge the battery. We tried many times, with our best time coming in at 125 minutes.

Features and Specifications

Samsung chose the former because it is aware that you cannot have a long battery life with a large woofer or tweeter. The Buds2 Pro's audio output is bland and lacking in bass. Positively, the music is clearer and each instrument is clearly audible, although the loss of some of the range detracts somewhat from the audio experience.

Additionally enhanced, Active Noise Cancellation is the best Samsung has ever offered. The 3-mic array performs a better job of taking up outside sounds and cancelling them than the other two modes—ANC and Off—but there are still three of them—ANC, Off, and Ambient Sound. Speaking on the Buds2 Pro sounds far better than on the phone itself because to in-call cancellation.

We particularly adored the Voice Detect feature, which enables Ambient Sound and disables ANC when you speak. When there is an announcement you wish to hear at the airport or railway station, a long press on any of the buds can also activate the ambient sound for the duration of the pressing.

The touch interface is completely reliable. Although we are aware that some people do not use them, those who do will appreciate their simplicity. One tap for Play/Pause, two or three taps for controlling music and podcasts, and tap and hold for calls are just a few of the adjustable options available.


Although the earbuds' built-in equalizer can help you customize your audio experience, it is limited in its ability to address the bass problem. The Galaxy Wearable app also provides controls for features like ambient sound during calls so the speaker can hear themselves, reading notifications aloud, and neck stretch reminders.

Comparing the Buds2 Pro to the Buds Pro, the size has been reduced by 15%. Each bud weighs approximately 5.5 grams, making it simple to insert one. The supplemental app also has an earbud fit test feature that plays test music to determine whether the fit is proper. We particularly value the IPX7 rating, which provides us with additional piece of mind during sweaty workouts and allows for submersion in fresh water up to 1 meter deep.

However, you receive TWS earbuds that are incredibly comfy, have a long battery life, and are fashionable. For those that value those and would value some well-performing ANC, the extra money is unquestionably worthwhile.

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