MIVI Fort S200 Review: A Soundbar with A Powerful Subwoofer!

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MIVI Fort S200 Review: A Soundbar with A Powerful Subwoofer!
MIVI Fort S200

If you enjoy watching movies on your TV, soundbars are gradually becoming a "must-have" accessory. The major reasons for this are that most smart TVs' built-in sound systems are deteriorating and that there are a ton of options on the market for less than Rs 10,000. The Indian audio company Mivi has been at the forefront of providing inexpensive audio systems. Their true wireless earbuds are affordable for those on a limited budget, with some models going for less than Rs 2,000. The business also sells a soundbar for less than Rs 5,000. The made-in-India Mivi Fort S200 soundbar with a wired subwoofer is their most recent product and costs Rs 9,999.

During Flipkart sale events, you can acquire the Mivi Fort S200 for Rs 6,999 if you time your purchase perfectly. The soundbar has the majority of the noteworthy features if we look at the spec sheet. It claims to provide 200W of sound output, which is ostensibly loud enough for a sizable living room or bedroom. Additionally, it has Bluetooth connectivity and an additional subwoofer for powerful bass. The Mivi Fort S200 is not exempt from criticism, albeit there are some restrictions with any inexpensive (or costly) technology.

So, let’s examine if the Mivi Fort S200 sound bar is worth your money if you want to enhance your entertainment system without breaking the bank.


The Mivi Fort S200 replaces the Mivi Fort S100, which was introduced earlier this year in India. The original Fort S100 only had a soundbar with built-in subwoofers; the new Fort S100's whole audio system comprises a soundbar and an external subwoofer. Both devices have a black exterior, which is typical for soundbars but not my preferred color.

Practically, devices with black bodies can readily conceal dirt and dark smudges, but I wish businesses would start looking at other color options. Apple recognized a need in the market and responded by making their most recent iPads, Macs, and iPhones accessible in a rainbow of colors, offering customers more choices.

I was quite pleased to see that the main Mivi Fort S200 soundbar is incredibly portable and simple to transport from one area to another. Although the external sub-woofer is heavier, the whole setup only weighs about 7 kg, making it manageable for one person to carry around the house.

The plastic construction, which has a shoddy feel, is what makes the design so light. Although I can't guarantee its durability, I would encourage users to keep it out of the reach of young children and dogs and in a secure location. The visual experience is important, and the Mivi Fort S200 appears quite sleek and basic from the couch or bed. However, positioning the soundbar and the subwoofer could be challenging. If done incorrectly, your TV room may rapidly look cluttered and unattractive.

The Fort S200 looks very different from its predecessor when it comes to the primary soundbar. Instead of the mesh body, the top surface now has a glossy appearance. The inescapable Mivi logo is displayed on the front in silver, but I didn't mind it at all. A seven-segment LED display, which is typical of inexpensive digital clocks, is located above the logo. It aids in assessing the treble, bass, and volume levels of audio. However, if you're using the soundbar from a distance, the visibility of this display is not ideal. In my case, I sat in bed about 10 feet away from the TV and changed the channels and audio settings.

The front and sides of the subwoofer don't have a shiny finish, which makes them look rather different from the main soundbar. Although I am not an expert in design, it is clear that the two units' textures differ, which may annoy certain users. Fair enough, most users won't be concerned with these features, especially with audio systems that are typically ignored at home. However, if Mivi wants to differentiate itself in a crowded market like India, it can look to companies like Sonos and Bose for inspiration.

Performance & Sound

MIVI Fort S200 performance

Although Mivi could have done a better job in terms of appearance, the majority of consumers won't be dissatisfied with the sound quality, particularly if you get the system for Rs 7,000. The system is incredibly simple to set up, and the external sub-powerful woofer's bass somewhat improves the viewing experience. Although I connected to the soundbar via Bluetooth, the package also contains an auxiliary cable in case you prefer to connect by wire.

The Mivi Fort S200 provides sufficient volume in terms of sound, with a frequency response of up to 15KHz and a sensitivity of up to 86Db. The output of the soundbar, which has four 2.25-inch drivers, is more than sufficient for rooms up to 500 square feet. However, the sound is often more on the bass side. Throughout my month of use, there weren't many complaints about the output quality of the shows and movies I watched the majority of the time in Movie mode. Additionally, I didn't see a lot of lag while watching movies on Netflix and other OTT services, but there was considerable lag when I watched live sports on Hotstar.

Don't anticipate support for premium codecs or sound systems like Dolby Atmos because it is a budget soundbar. The soundbar's remote differs slightly from the TV remote in how it controls sound volume. For instance, to get the desired output, I have to increase or reduce the volume with the TV remote control by six units. Sadly, my TV did not have a cure for this, and I'm not sure if other TVs would experience the same problem.


I discovered it to be a lightweight and compact device on the Mivi Fort S200. That doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement; for a more streamlined and understated-looking control, the company may look to Apple, Amazon, or even the premium projector manufacturer XGIMI.

Overall, the Mivi Fort S200 does its tasks and contributes to two of a soundbar's most visible qualities: loudness and powerful bass. As I previously observed, the audio output is by default heavier on the bass side, which muddles some nuances. You may, however, somewhat adjust the treble and bass with the included remote.

Don't anticipate an immersive surround sound experience because there is no Dolby or high-end audio capability. As a result, considering that you also receive an extra subwoofer for the most powerful bass, it is a good option for Rs 7,000. The sonic output of the Mivi Fort S200, which costs Rs. 10,000, won't let you down. To differentiate its product from those of its competitors in this price range, the corporation must, however, enhance its design.

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