Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Apple AirPods Now Have Competition!

The features of the Google Pixel Buds Pro include quick pairing, multipoint support, improved active noise reduction, and more. But should you buy one? Read the review to learn more.

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Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Apple AirPods Now Have Competition!
Google Pixel Buds Pro

Now Android users have cause for celebration. Google just unveiled the Pixel 6a and the Google Pixel Buds Pro, two of the most awaited devices in India. The company officially launched the Pixel Buds A series in India last year. But this year's offering from Google is different since it is the Pixel Buds Pro. It is the most expensive set of wireless earphones the company has ever sold.

In other words, Google Pixel Buds Pro have entered the race in India to directly compete with Apple AirPods Pro, with a focus on Android. Fast pair, multipoint support, improved active noise cancellation, and other features are among the fascinating range of options included with the Pixel Buds Pro.

The Pixel Buds Pro provide consumers more than simply a way to listen to music; they also give them access to the best of the Google world. However, it is only available to Android users. The Google Translate app, a transparency mode, and Google Assistant integration are all accessible through the Buds Pro, but they are only available to Android users. While Android users will find much to enjoy, iOS users will have to make do with less in comparison to the Pixel Buds Pro.

Should you choose the Google Pixel Buds Pro over its rivals? Let's read the review to find out.

Design And Fitting Of Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro Design

If you are aware of the Google Pixel Buds that were previously released, you will see that Google hasn't done much to experiment with the design. Depending on your preference for design, you could like the Pixel Buds Pro's rounded and curved corners. It certainly has a different look.

A spherical earpiece may be found inside the charging case. It lacks a hook or fin to aid in keeping itself in the ear. Although the earpiece is large and can fit tightly, the hook may not be required. Providing your ears aren't too small, that is. Because if they are, there may be a problem with the fit and comfort.

I thought the Buds were a bit of a mixed bag. They were comfortable in my ears for the majority of the day, which is nice, but they frequently slipped out when I laughed too loudly or ate with a ravenous mouth. That's not good at all. In order to get a good fit, I also discovered that I had to press and adjust them constantly.

In other words, these are not earbuds that I can use while jogging or going to the gym, at least not for me.

You can select from a variety of ear tips that are included in the box to enhance the fit. The Pixel Buds Pro software specifically designed for conducting seal tests is accessible through the Play Store. Which ear tip fits you the best can be determined with the test.

However, it was really comfortable to wear the Pixel Buds Pro in my ears the entire time. I wore the earphones during my long journeys between my office and home and back again, and despite using them for hours at a time in my office, I didn't experience any ear fatigue. Given the magnitude of Buds, I was expecting something different, so this was a welcome surprise.

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The Pixel Buds Pro has a velvety matte texture throughout and is built of high-quality plastic in terms of design. It doesn't feel at all cheap. It feels fairly luxurious in the hand, and even the lid is sturdy. In this case, the durability is unquestionably solid. However, I did observe that the Pixel Buds Pro instantly fly out of your ears if you accidentally drop them. Therefore, be careful not to drop it in a location where you can get on your knees and scan the area.

Dual tones are used in the Pixel Buds Pro's color scheme. Buds in the colors of white and black are shown in this review. The white base's color draws a lot of dirt and dust, which sticks to your fingertips. The Pixel Buds Pro do, however, have a soft matte coating, which allows you to clean them with a moist cloth without damaging them. For charging, the case contains a USB Type C connection.

Battery Life and Performance of Google Pixel Buds Pro

google pixel buds review

The Google Pixel Buds Pro is designed specifically for Android users, as I've already mentioned. It is simple to connect, and the dedicated Pixel Buds Pro app makes pairing even easier. You only need to switch on Bluetooth on your phone for the Pixel Buds Pro to connect to it, and a connection option will display shortly after. You can download the Pixel Buds app from the Play Store after tapping it to be taken there. The Pixel app also offers a ton of customization choices, like the transparency mode, which is exclusive to Android phones.

In addition, the program has settings for multipoint and audio switching. When enabled, the Audio Switching functionality can switch between audio sources based on your actions. Similar to this, you can connect to any two Bluetooth devices simultaneously by turning on the Multipoint option. You won't have any trouble setting up the gadget because the software offers a simple, intuitive design.

The Pixel Buds Pro may not have booming bass, but I discovered that they have an excellent soundstage. There is a good separation between the lows, mids, and highs. I also listened to a few pieces of fusion music that combined Hindustani and electric instruments. Each instrument was clearly recognizable from the others. When you turn up the volume to its highest setting, the earbuds may become quite loud, although the music can also become a little squeaky.

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The effective ANC provided by the earphones must be credited to their design. If you can achieve a secure fit, you'll find that even when the ANC mode is not used, half of the noise level is muted. However, your ears will become completely silent once the ANC mode is activated. For instance, I noticed that when I turned on ANC in Buds Pro, even the nearby office colleagues' talk was muted.

Everyone I spoke to using the Pixel Buds Pro reported that they could hardly hear any background noise coming through the call, which further proved the call quality's outstanding clarity. The other person's voice was likewise audible and clear.

Another good point about the Pixel Buds Pro is their battery life. According to Google, the battery life may last up to 11 hours of listening time and 31 hours overall with the case. I can tell you from my experience that I didn't need to recharge the case for more than 5 days. I wore the earbuds for three to four hours daily.

However, you will have to give up a number of functions, like the Pixel Buds app, if you use the Pixel Buds Pro in conjunction with your iPhone. The transparency mode is another exclusive to Android feature. Surprisingly, I discovered that the earphones sounded superior when I connected them to an Android phone as opposed to an iPhone.

Should You Buy One?

The amazing Google Pixel Buds Pro buds are designed with a focus on Android. I appreciate how the earbuds sound, despite the fact that sound quality is a personal preference. The output is rather well-balanced; bass-heavy music is easily handled; in addition, you get a thumping sensation that doesn't sound overwhelming or make you tired. The battery life is excellent; with moderate use, the device may easily last you a week. In addition, you should pay attention to Google's quick pair and multipoint support.

I don't truly enjoy the fit because I constantly worried about loosing the buds. The object doesn't have any fins or hooks to help it hold properly. Your ear size will ultimately determine that, though. Aside from this, I believe the Pixel Buds Pro to be a highly capable product under 20,000 rupees, especially for people who own an Android phone.

In other words, the AirPods Pro provide Android consumers a chance to get a product on line with that offered to iPhone customers.