Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2: Everything You Need To Know.

The Watch SE 2 and the Apple Watch Series 8 are two brand new smartwatches from Apple. The company has also released a more robust and durable Apple Watch Ultra for fitness enthusiasts.

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Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2: Everything You Need To Know.

Apple introduced two new smartwatches: the Watch SE 2 and the Apple Watch Series 8. For hikers and other fitness lovers, the business has also introduced a more robust and durable Apple Watch Ultra. Although the new watches all essentially have the same appearance, there are minor changes in the build quality and some functionality. Apple also revealed the arrival of new iPhones and Air Pods in addition to smartwatches.

Prices for the Apple Watch Series 8, Watch SE and watch ultra.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 8 GPS model is Rs 31,800. The price of the LTE version is about Rs 39,800. There are four different color options for the aluminum version. The stainless-steel version comes in three hues. There is a special Nike edition as well. Hermes created a pricier version with a leather strap and a steel catch.

The Watch SE 2 or SE (2022) in aluminum is available for about Rs 19,800 for the GPS model it is roughly Rs 23,800 for the cellular model.

Not to mention, the Watch Ultra is priced at Rs 63,700 But the price for India, at Rs 89,900, is significantly higher.

The Watch Series 8 and SE 2 obtainable by the September 16. This ultra-watch will be available by September

The Watch Ultra will be available starting on September 23, although Apple has not yet released the Indian price.

Specifications Apple Watch Series 8, Watch SE

The new Apple Watch wearable mimics the older model starting with Watch Series 8. A body temperature sensor is a significant addition made by Apple. Despite the fact that this sensor has a number of benefits, according to the maker, women may find it particularly helpful for tracking their ovulation cycles. The body temperature sensor and activity monitoring capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 8 are touted to deliver predictions that are almost accurate.

Other than that, out-of-date features like ECG, blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2), and fall detection are still present. A new "crash detection" feature is also available, which makes use of two motion sensors. If the watch detects an unexpected tremor or fall, it will contact friends and family. Aside from that, the Apple Watch Series 8's screen is brighter. The battery's current life, though, is still 18 hours. However, a new low power mode delivers a battery life of 36 hours. WatchOS 9 will also be included with Watch Series 4 and later models.

Contrarily, the Watch SE 2 or SE 2022 includes almost all of the functionality, such as crash detection and an activity tracker. Users can also monitor and track their sleeping patterns. A body temperature sensor is missing, though. It looks similar to the Watch Series 8 when several key functions are removed.

For extra durability, the most expensive Apple Watch Ultra sports a sapphire glass dial with a 49 mm diameter. It is made of titanium, a material that is frequently considered to be gentler to skin because it irritates less. Apple largely made construction improvements to the watch to make it more robust and useful for outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, you can now immediately initiate a task by using the new Action button. This button is simple to use, even with thick gloves on.

Additionally, it boasts the biggest battery, which the promotion claims may last 36 hours with regular use. In low power mode, it can operate for up to 60 hours. Apple claims that the Watch Ultra includes dual-GPS that can function in areas with patchy cellular connection. When hiking in remote areas, it might be quite helpful. Divers can wear it up to 100 feet below the surface thanks to its WR100 rating.

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