5 Best Bass Tubes for Cars in India!

Bass tubes: Rock while driving> Enjoy your favourite songs on long routes & experience better-sounding bass by choosing the best bass tubes for your vehicle.

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5 Best Bass Tubes for Cars in India!
Best Car Bass Tube

Music is the finest form of art that brings all joy together. Traveling on long routes via car feels more alive with the music system.

Speakers in cars produce sound from electrical power, but stereo speakers have no room for bass.

No bass means no clarity. No clarity in sound means shallow experience and your shallow experience hurts us.

That’s why we are suggesting to you the best car bass tubes that add clarity of sound to your experience by producing low-frequency sound from 10Hz to 200Hz.

It will give you an all-around smoother sound. It not only values your music taste but feeds your dopamine on a long route of travel for a better experience.

Why Do We Have to Go for Car Bass Tubes?

  • Low-frequency sound below the speakers.
  • Recommended bass response.
  • Improved clarity.
  • A decrease in the destruction.
  • Comprehensive response

Here we reviewed the best car bass tubes that will add gratification to your travel experience.

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JBL GT-X1500THI 1500 Watts Bass Tube

JBL GT-X1500THI Subwoofer

JBL should be well known to you. This 12-inch bass tube from JBL is a great option if you're on a budget. It has a lot of power despite being an inexpensive product. It can manage peak power of up to 1500 watts, for example. Additionally, the highest RMS output power is 325 watts.

This bass tube's frequency response spans a range of 35 Hz to 200 Hz. You will get the mounting straps for free with this bass tube setup. It does not have an integrated amplifier.

Highlighted Features

- Peak power is 1500 watts, with an average power of 325 watts.

- Bass tube enclosure with a vented port for bass reflex.

- No, dual voice coils. No, linear port.

- Subwoofer cone protection with a sturdy grill.

- Strap for mounting the subwoofer in the automobile.

- Sensitivity: 2,83 v/m-90 DB.

- Frequency response: 35 to 200 Hz.

- 4 ohms of impedance.

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Pioneer TS-WX306T Bass Tube

Pioneer Bass Tube

Indians are familiar with the Pioneer brand. They are renowned for making high-end audio equipment. This active tube bass reflex system is another offering from Pioneer. This one is stronger since it has a class D amplifier. It can handle up to 1300 watts of input power.

Additionally, the maximum output power can reach 350 watts. It has a sizable suspension system as well as a cooling system for the voice coils. This can be a great option for powerful bass without spending a lot of money. Setting up and connecting to this is also pretty simple.

Highlighted Features

- 1300 watts is the maximum input power.

- 350 watts is the maximum output power for speakers.

- This bass tube has Ideal Enclosure System (Tube).

- Dimensions ‎64 x 33.5 x 33.5 cm and weight 7.79 Kilograms.

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Pronod SR-P8A+ Bass Tube

Pronod Bass Tube

This bass tube subwoofer can be a decent option if you have a limited budget. This active bass tube system has 8-inch tubes. That indicates that it has an amplifier built into it. You will also get all the required accessories for free with this. This bass tube can produce up to 1150 watts of output power. Additionally, it has a gain control knob so you can manually alter the bass volume.

To be honest, you get a lot of high-end features with this bass tube that aren't offered by other bass tubes for the price. It is ideal for installation inside your vehicle because of its compact design.

Highlighted Features

- The Maximum Speaker Output Power is 1150 watts.

- Active basstube subwoofer, 8 inches long.

- Built-in amplifier.

- Compact design.

- This one is 7.61 kg in weight.

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Infinity Primus 1400T Bass Tube

Infinity Bass Tube

The next bass tube subwoofer is made by Infinity. The cost of this is, likewise, extremely reasonable. But it has a tone of high-end features in it. It has Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI) technology, for instance, which enables you to choose between an impedance of 2 ohms and 4 ohms.

The booming bass is produced with less distortion by the glass fiber subwoofer cones.

You will adore the bass tube's durable aero-cooling construction as well. This 8-inch bass tube ought to be on your list because it has a 1400-watt peak output power.

Highlighted Features

- This bass tube can produce up to 1400 watts of power at its highest output.

- Up to 200 watts of peak RMS power are produced.

- It is roughly 11.3 kg heavy.

- The dimensions are 43.4 x 40.5 x 39.6 cm.

GTX-1250K 7800 Watt Bass Tube

GTX 7800 Watt Bass Tube

Another bass tube with a tonne of functions and an affordable price. This subwoofer measures 12 inches. The bass tube has an excellent layout and appearance. It includes a MOSFET-powered amplifier that is built right in. Additionally, it features RCA and MP3 inputs.

Additionally, using the designated buttons, you may alter the volume level, the frequency range, the crossover, etc. This bass tube has a frequency range of 40 Hz to 200 Hz. Overall, the price-to-performance ratio for this bass tube is excellent.

Highlighted Features

- A wooden tube-shaped box with a 12" subwoofer installed.

- An internal mosfet powers the amplifier.

- High-Input choice (no need to take out the stereo from the dashboard; input can be taken from the speakers).

- 7800 watts PMPO output

- The weight is approximately 10.7 kg.

- The bass tube's net measurements are 51 x 32 x 35 cm.


Investing for a better experience is a good investment. We provided you with a detailed analysis of car bass tubes so you can invest with confidence. Now it's your turn to favor us by sharing this blog with your loved ones, and don’t forget to get bass for your music system.